>Encouraging Words

>My daughter started her ballet class two weeks ago and I must say I felt like Mommy Dearest. She was miserable in the morning putting on her tights and on the verge of tears but I would not back down. Marina’s having problems with her turn out and turn out starts from the hip not the ankle or knee.  I was convinced enrolling her in ballet could only help develop her muscles and improve her posture – not to mention help avoid injury. I got her to class several minutes late and waited in the lobby feeling guilty the entire time wondering if maybe I’m out of control with Irish dance when Marina’s TCRG showed up. The Ballet Academy and Murphy Irish Arts share studio space which helped make for familiar surroundings for my reluctant ballerina. After exchanging pleasantries with Sheila she asked what I was doing there. I grimaced and told her about enrolling Marina in ballet to help her turn out. To my surprise Sheila was delighted telling me she thought it was a wonderful idea, that many championship Irish dancers take ballet as part of their training and it would be a big help. She wished more parents would do that for their children. I explained Marina was unhappy and Sheila gladly offered to talk with her. I was still in Sheila’s office when Marina came out from ballet looking like the Limp Swan with her eyes still swollen from crying and her hair a mess. Sheila was true to her word and went right up to Marina telling her how happy she was that Marina was taking ballet and how good it would be for her. At that time Marina just nodded but Sheila’s words must have had some impact. The car ride home was much better than the ride in and Marina finally opened about the class, what they did and said she would go back next week – and she did with much less resistance this time. I overheard her being introduced as the Irish dancer to the ballerinas who weren’t there the previous week and this time she came out with a smile! Time will tell if my theory about improving her turn out holds true but for now I’m thankful that she’s adjusting to the new dance routine and to her Irish dance teacher for her encouraging words!


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