>St. Patrick’s Season Activities

>OK, so – St. Patrick’s season is in full swing! What’s everyone doing this year? It seems that every year my calendar gets fuller & fuller during March between the parties, dancing and parades. This year’s social season includes more visits to the Irish American Club in Euclid, OH on Cleveland’s East Side. We’ve attending their family day for the past three years because Marina dances that event with the Murphy Irish Dancers. This year we plan to go to their Harp & Guinness Night II to listen to The Boys From County Hell, Irish Coffee Night – a club tradition the night before St. Patty’s Day and again after the parade in the afternoon for the kid’s party! My daughter has St. Patrick’s Day and the following day off of school so it is very convenient for us to get involved in the day’s festivities and have the next day to relax.

Did I mention the parade? Yes, Marina and I will both be marching with the Murphy Irish Dancers this year. Because I’m on their board I marched with the unit last year and had a ball! It’s great to look out into the crowd and people watch! This year our founder Sheila Murphy Crawford is one of the Co-Chairs so it’s an extra special event for us. Plus we’re in the first unit so we’ll be done and can enjoy the rest of the parade. Pre-parade – not sure yet. We’ve been invited to go to Flannery’s Pub in downtown Cleveland for Kegs & Eggs before the parade but even though it sounds like fun it might not be appropriate for my daughter. Of course taking her to the House of Blues last Saturday for the Gaelic Storm concert was probably not appropriate either but she’s been a fan since she was five and got us to the front of the crowd – got some great pics! Ah to be eight years old and cute again ! But I digress……

Then there’s the St. Patrick’s Day shows that Marina will dance. We have four this year starting tomorrow night a GE’s NELA Park in East Cleveland and ending on April 8th with St. Dominic’s Fish Fry – always a good time not to mention yummy!

Crowning the season will be a party thrown by our dear friends that promises to be bigger and better than last year. Did I leave anything out? I don’t think so but with a week to go I’m sure I’ll find something else to add to the list! Enjoy the season, drink responsibly and have fun! Til next time…..Slainte!


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