>Feising Season 2011

>As I was reminded on Twitter today – it’s almost hard core Feising Season! I’ve actually been working on our feis plans for this year for some time. I think I started last Fall when the North American Feis Commission released it’s final 2011 schedule. So far we’ve been to two feisianna – the Pittsburgh Winter Feis and the North Coast Feis. We had planned to go to the West Virginia Feis this weekend but are pulling out because my daughter got invited to a birthday party of a close friend and she really wants to go. The other reason is that she’s added some new steps to her dances and after a private lesson last week she just doesn’t seem quite ready to compete. Our plans for this year include:

The Buckeye Feis (Columbus, OH) and the Central New York Feis both in April
Queen City (Cincinnati, OH), Akron & Cleveland (Ohio) in May
Buffalo, New York and the Dayton/Cincinnati (Ohio) weekend in June
Feis at the Falls (Niagara Falls, NY) and Rose City (Windsor, ONT Canada) in August
the Pittsburgh (PA) Halloween Feis in October

Throw in two dance camps this summer and we’ve got ourselves a pretty full schedule! It’s easy to get carried away isn’t it? I’m sure if I looked harder I could find more!

I like to make feising fun for my daughter who’s eight (going to be nine in July) and build in a long weekend here and there. We did that last year with the Louisville (Kentucky) feis. Great city! It was hot but that didn’t stop us from taking a riverboat ride down the Ohio river, stopping at Churchill Downs and the Louisville Slugger baseball bat manufacturer and museum. This year we’d  like to make Feis at the Falls a mini vacation and are considering Nation’s Capital Feis in Washington D.C. in July and either spending a day or two in Washington, heading to Baltimore or Virginia Beach but haven’t finalized those plans yet. The same with Dayton/Cincinnati – we could stop at King’s Island amusement park and Great Wolf Waterpark for some fun or take in some other adventure. We’ll see how our plans shape up but one thing is certain – I’ll be blogging about the feisianna we attend and sharing our feis season 2011 with all of you! Till next time – Slainte!


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