Dancin’ Days Are Here Again

Wednesday evening I’m sitting in the lobby of our Irish dance studio talking with a friend when our teacher comes up to me:

“Can you be here Tuesday at 6pm to help fit shoes on our new beginner class?”

I’m one of Shoe Committee Chairpeople so of course I said yes. Then she added with smile,

“We’re starting an adult beginner dance class Monday night”

Stunned I replied  “Which Monday night?”

“This Monday night at 8pm.”

Apparently she started to spread the world and a few adults came forward saying they would do it. It just so happened that the friend I was talking to at the time was one of the adult dancers who talked me into this in the first place and overheard the whole conversation. A coinkydink? I think not. So now panic has set in……I haven’t had a formal dance lesson in years and I’m a little nervous. Of course what I need to do is not take myself so seriously after all I’m not planning to compete. This is just for fun right? Of course it is. I’m also hoping taking lessons is going to help me coach my daughter – who is not amused by this in the least! She’s afraid I’m going to start feising. Of course a friend of mine took great pleasuring in messing her yesterday telling her that I was looking at the Cleveland feis and how we could have matching solo dresses. She just groaned and rolled her eyes. I have a feeling though that I’m going to be the one groaning after class Monday night! I’ll let you know as soon as I get out of the oxygen tent…Til next time! Slainte!


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