Confeissions From Overnight Dance Camp

I signed up to volunteer two days at my daughter’s week long overnight dance camp this week just to check in and say hello. She was teary and nervous the night before so I thought it would be helpful for me to be there for support. I did get a couple of phone calls the first night from other moms telling they had seen Marina and that she seemed happy and enjoying herself so far. (I love my ID friends!) She was especially happy that mashed potatoes were on the dinner menu – which is one of her favorites and something I haven’t made for her in a long time since I’ve decided potatoes (along with pasta) are the anti-Christ for my waistline and have stopped eating them for awhile. I know, a good Irish-Croatian girl married to an Italian-Irishman giving up potatoes and  pasta? I’ve lost 17 pounds since I have so it’s been worth the sacrifice!

Tuesday  I was at camp for lunch duty and found a bunch of sweaty and tired dancers. They had just come from their morning session with Michael Ryan and were worn out. When Marina saw me she came running with open arms and a big hug. I realized then that she had remembered to put deodorant on – which was a big concern for me! I asked her if she wanted to come home and she said no. She was having fun and learning new steps, mainly Job of Journeywork and she was happy about that. Michael was working them hard and her feet hurt but that was common feeling among all of the dancers I talked to – not just the younger ones. That afternoon they were heading off to strength class and then to the swimming pool. A storm had come through Monday and cooled things off considerably which was good because it was hot as hell when I dropped her off Monday morning. A long hug and a kiss goodbye and she was off with her team. Later I got a call from another friend who volunteered for craft time reporting that she saw Marina and she and her team worked the longest on their craft and now only had 15 minutes to rest up before dancing  but again, she was happy which I knew she would be.

I’m heading back today for “dinner duty” and my husband and his band will be joining the campers for a sing-a-long around the camp fire tonight. I suggested Gaelic Storm’s “Drink the Night Away” since Marina used to sing it on her way to Catholic kindergarten but I got shot down…..I miss her and the house is very quiet but I must confeis that with working on my upcoming article for IDM and packing for next week’s trip to Myrtle Beach I’m glad she’s not here to witness the mayhem! Til next time – Slainte!


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