Confeissions From the Columbus Feis

We attended the Columbus, Ohio feis (also known as the Dublin, OH feis) this past weekend. It was our first feis in two months. After several hectic months of Irish dance, school and other activities I could tell my daughter had “gone on vacation” and wasn’t interested in feising. So I gave her a break – what’s the use in spending money on a feis if she’s not into it and not going to do well? It will not only frustrate her but me as well and that’s not a good thing. She went into this weekend’s feis with high spirits and hopes but it wasn’t her day – or at least it was not what she hoped it would be. She bobbled the end of her slip jig which is the dance she needs to get into all Open/Prizewinner. Then to make matters worse the judge she had for treble jig didn’t look at her once but kept her focus on the other dancer the entire time! I also made the mistake of bringing my husband to this feis and that judge was enough to send him over the edge! He doesn’t enjoy feising in the first place and really only came along to go to the Irish festival and that’s where I should have dropped him off in the first place! Yes, I know it’s frustrating and you hurt for your child when a judge just disregards their efforts but I’ve found out that’s the way it goes sometimes. It happened to good friends of ours at the Akron feis – their daughter danced a beautiful reel and that judge never looked her way. It’s Irish dance – it’s subjective, some days it’s your kid’s feis, the next time it’s not – put on your big boy kilt and deal with it! He actually made the comment to me that I was more patient with feising than he was and believe me patience is not my strongest point! After Marina was done dancing my husband just wanted to go – not even stick around for her results (which were coming up slow as a molasses and posted in small crowded hallway) but I had a plan. I suggested we walk back to the car to put away the dress, shoes, etc. and then return for the results but what I really meant was Marina and  I would return. When we got to the car I opened the trunk, got out the cooler and happily found that the beers I threw in it that morning were still cold. I gave my husband one, handed him $20 and told him to drink up and go to the Irish festival himself, we’d catch up with him. That trick worked! He got to see The Elders and Marina got her results – even though it took an hour an a half for the last result to come up but seeing that it was a third place medal the wait was worth it – especially because we also got the judges comments at that time too and she seems to have fixed her turn out issues. Now to work on everything else……

We’re off to Niagara Falls, NY and Feis at the Falls this weekend for our school’s annual bus trip. I’m Co-Chairing this event and am looking forward to a fun-filled weekend and seeing friends there too! As for my husband, he’s not allowed to come to anymore feiseanne until he fixes his attitude and can sit back and enjoy the crazy rollercoaster ride which is Irish dance! Til next time – Slainte!


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