The Blessed Event – The Mid America Oireachtas

It’s mid-late August and the most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching!  No I’m not talking about Christmas – although that is one of my favorites because I get presents and eat and drink way too much. I’m talking about the onset of the Mid America Oireachtas and the mirth and merriment that comes along with it.  My favorite part of the “Big O” is the dance drama but not the choreographed routine put on by our senior dancers. The dance drama I’m referring to is the one that’s performed off stage by parents and  students alike by getting their spankies in a bunch over who’s invited, who isn’t, who’s on the team, who doesn’t deserve to be on the team and if a dancer is doing solos or not.  I used to get worked up by some of the parents and their attitudes but now it serves as my entertainment and yours as well as I will be using it as fodder for this blog. You know who are and you have been warned! 🙂

This year’s drama is about solo dancing at the “Big O” and what the qualifications are. I’ve never been clear on this. I thought that a dancer had to be in Prelims and qualify through feiseanna by placing 1st in all four dances by September 30th to dance solos. I’ve recently discovered that’s not true and there’s different criteria for different age groups. Dancers under 10 can be chosen by their school’s director while the U12/U11 dancers can qualify if they are in Open/Prizewinner in all of their dances and get a 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the four core dances and the U13 and over dancers have to get firsts in all the dances. Another mom and I did some snooping at the Great Lakes Feis over the weekend to try to determine what’s fact and what’s fiction. I don’t know anything new except that my daughter still needs to get a 1st in her Slip Jig to get into all Open/Prizewinner so for us it’s moot point. For others though time is running out to qualify and it would be nice to have a clear answer. I wish the powers at be for the “Big O” would provide a syllabus like a feis does I image that would be the size of  “War and Peace” – which could be another name for the Oireachtas. I guess I’ll keep snooping for facts and report back. More on the Great Lakes Feis soon,  Til next time  – Slainte!


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