A Change Might Do You Good

This is a follow-up to my previous blog about my friend (who is actually a feis dad not mom) and his debate over switching dance schools. What I did not mention at that time was that I was going through the same thing myself and had been for some time. The reasons for switching Irish dance schools were numerous – some personal as well as “professional” but we had no real motivation to make a switch. That was until the Oireachtas a few weeks ago. Personally my daughter had a great experience as she recalled in the U9 Girl’s Solo competition. However, she was very disappointed when neither of the teams she participated on recalled. That’s not true – her choreography team did get a medal because there were only five teams competing and all five were recalled by default. However, the girls came in fifth out of five and my daughter just handed the medal to me and walked away. That proved to my husband and me that it was finally time look at other schools as hard as it would be to leave the comfort of our “home” of the last four years. We felt we owed it to our daughter to look into a school that would challenge her, group their classes by feis level and raise the bar for all their dancers. As my husband put it we’ve simply decided to move in a different direction.

Last Thursday night my family visited another Irish dance school in town and the answer became clear immediately – this is where we belong! That fact was solidified by my daughter’s reaction as she ran out of class breathlessly declaring “This is awesome!” It also helped that two of her friends made the switch to this school as well – which was completely unplanned by the families involved but it’s cool that it happened this way. My husband suggested that the three families get together and announce our decision in a televised special and use the proceeds to aid in fundraising but somehow I had the feeling that this approach had been done before – can’t remember when or where but I’m pretty sure it has. So I decided that a brief email to her former TCRG would be appropriate (especially because I was on the board of the parent’s association and needed to resign) and the fastest way to break the news to her. She has surprised but took it well.

I haven’t seen my daughter this excited about dance in over a year. In just two classes she ‘s learned two new Treble Jig and Reel steps, comes out of class tired and sweating and has been practicing at home with a vengeance. There’s no guarantee that by changing to this school that my daughter will become a Championship Irish dancer.  If that happens great but for now  she’s focused on working out some bad habits, learning new steps, making new friends and having fun. We’re also hoping that the new school will have a ceili ready by the next Oireachtas as that’s a part of Irish dance she enjoys but one step at a time. 

We are now on holiday break and classes will resume in January. It will be strange not feising for six months but it will be fun watching her enjoy the new experience! Sheryl Crow sang that a change would do you good and our case it certainly has!

Until next time! Slainte!







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