Confeissions on the Transition Period

It’s been almost one month since we changed dance schools and we’re settling into the new routine nicely. It was weird, for lack of a better term, not going to the Pittsburgh Winter Feis in one way but on the other hand I took my daughter and her friend to the movies instead. I think my daughter is welcoming the break from feising. She told me last week that she was jealous of the kids she would see acting as results runners and once or twice wished she could trade places with them. Being the good mom that I am I quickly turned her name in to do just that for the North Coast Feis taking place in a few weeks. I’m on the committee and since I’m working the feis she might as well have her wish granted right? 

Back to the transition period. It’s definitely a different experience. Our new school’s downtown location is not a bad commute for us – about 25 minutes. I like being downtown and think it will be cool in the summer. We’re already making a list of things to do before class and are looking forward to the adventure of going to the art museum, Rock & Roll of Hall of Fame, taking in an Indians game after class, trying some of the restaurants, etc. My daughter goes to class two nights a week and comes out tired and sweaty. She also comes out of class excited and motivated. In four classes she and her friends have learned five new steps including one they will use at this year’s Oireachtas! Hmmm, preparing for the Oireachtas in January. You can do that? Who knew?

Like everything else there’s a learning curve not only for my daughter but for us too. We have new faces to put names to, different policies to follow and a new schedule to adjust to but in the long run it will be worth it. In fact it’s already starting to pay off for my girl in that some of the “issues” she was having are being corrected. I’ve noticed her posture has improved, her legs are straighter and her attack is sharper. At the last class she came out with a lollipop as a reward for something to do with her kicks. Really? MY daughter being praised for her kicks? That’s new. The previous class she got a high-five for doing something else well. She said all the kids in class get praised for what they did well that day.  There’s something said for positive reinforcement – this coming from a Psych grad. (No, not psycho although I answer to that too.) Yes, the teachers yell at the kids to get their legs up, turn their feet out, etc but not in a bad or demoralizing way.  Her swimming and basketball teams get yelled at by their coaches too that’s part of sports. I don’t have a problem with that as long as it’s done in a constructive manner.

So far so good. Yes, we miss our friends from our former school and feiseanna and I’m not naïve to think there won’t be bad days because that’s life and you have to take those along with the good but we are happy with the change. Speaking of good times we travel to Columbus this weekend to perform at the Blue Jackets hockey game which we’re very excited about as this will be another step in the transition period and also fun. I need to remember to bring my camera.

Til next time – Slainte!


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