Feising in the Motor City

I know I just added a blog post but feel I have to give you all my 2 cents on the Detroit Feis.

Historically this has been one of my favorite feiseanna to go to. It’s a 3-ish hour drive from home and in the past we have finished dancing and been out the door by noon. Note I said in the past.

Not sure what happened this year but our stage moved very slowly and there were some problems with dancers slipping and falling – my DD included. To their credit the stage monitors did wash down the stage during the morning competitions but maybe they should have given it a once over again in the afternoon.

My daughter also had the same judge for 3 out of 4 of her dances – that’s a BIG pet peeve of mine although I felt this judge was fair. There have been other times when having the same judge can either make you or break you.

As for the speed of posting the results – I can’t comment because I caught on to the Feis Worx posting system and had her results on my phone before we checked the boards. From what I could tell by seeing the medals around dancers’ necks they seemed to be coming up in a timely fashion.

They were also slow bringing the beer cart into the lobby and the price had been raised 75 cents since we were there 2 years ago…can you believe it $3.75 for a bottle of beer! It’s still a great deal – I should have had 2 but my hubby didn’t come this year and I had to drive.

Overall I still like the Detroit Feis – the venue is great, food prices are reasonable, a lot of camping space but it didn’t feel as organized as it has in the past.

I always say we’ll never do a feis 6 days after the Akron/Cleveland weekend but Detroit’s too close to ignore. The same with Buffalo which is about the same distance from home so maybe we’ll alternate and shuffle off to Buffalo next year – but that’s too far away to plan. See you in Cincy?

Til next time – Slainte!


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