Putting the Fun Back into Feising

I promised myself that when my daughter was finally off ban we would not go back to the level of feising we did in the past – meaning upwards of 12 – 14 a year. Who was I kidding? Myself obviously for we’re back to feising in full force having completed 5 feiseanna in 4 weeks. OK 4 of those were 2 back to back weekends but we’re looking at Cincinnati this weekend and have registered for 6 more with the potential of more on the horizon. What changed you ask? Well I’ll tell ya – we had some success and fun in the process and that makes us want to keep going. 

I won’t lie and say the first few times back to competition it was easy for either my daughter or me. It took a couple of feiseanna for my daughter to get her mojo back and for us to feel comfortable again but after traveling to Queen City and the Blue Grass Feis some glimmers of hope began to shine.  I think what really turned the tide is that feising had become fun again. We had friends share our hotel room in Lexington which reminded me of when we used to travel with another family and how much fun we had – not to mention the money we saved. Our school set up a  tailgate at the Akron Feis and we got to see a lot of out-of-town friends at Cleveland and Queens City. What has been especially helpful is that we are finally with a group of supportive friends and parents who encourage and commiserate with no one criticizing and laying blame. It takes a lot of the pressure off everyone knowing even though a feis is a competition it doesn’t have to be an ugly competition and the results are starting to come in – except for that illusive Slip Jig but with a few 4ths and now a 2nd place finish at Cleveland we can almost taste it.

So it’s on to Cincy this weekend where hopefully the upward trend continues but if not there are about 7 – 8 more feiseanna in our future. You can’t win ’em all but at least you can have fun trying!

Til next time – Slainte!


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